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wrong all along

I recently read a great book by Hans Rosling (and others) about the perceptions we have about life in general.

I'm not going to throw a spoiler in here, except to say everything we know, or think we

know isn't true and we are worse than monkeys at answering some simple questions.

In essence the book explains, in simple terms, why the world is becoming a much better place, although most citizens of it don't agree.

It also shows that the so called gaps that exist in the world aren't really there at all.

There are some really fascinating graphs and plenty of food for thought, so if you want to challenge your thinking, then I would recommend this book for sure.

Check it out at Amazon here

I keep being told I need to read more books, so fire over your suggestion for the TotallyMSP Book Club... They don't need to be MSP specific, just something interesting.


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