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Tech towns 2020

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Can you believe it's been a year since I wrote about the CompTIA Tech Towns 2019? (Can't remember what I wrote? No problem - You can read it here)

What has happened in the 12 months between then and now....err...Not much. I think it's been a pretty uneventful year...

So, without further ado here is this years Top10 Pop(ulation) Pickers....

10. Bath (Down from 8 in 2019)

What can I say about Bath that I didn't say in 2019? Nothing.

Night Out Rating : Really good fun - Great pubs.

New Interesting Fact : The first ever item of mail with a stamp was sent from Bath. (Not sure if there were any post-boxes of course)

9. READING (UP FROM 10 IN 2019)

I'm unsure if the one place rise for Reading is in an any way related to me no longer working from there, but fair play to them. Still hovering over the relegation zone but hanging in there..

Night Out Rating :  Not been as often as I used to go, but if you get chance after Covid, check out the Purple Turtle as the owner says they are struggling...

New Interesting Fact : Ricky Gervais grew up in Reading. He doesn't live there now though, I don't think.

8. Bristol (down from 2 in 2019)

What on earth went wrong in Bristol?? On the verge of the top-spot in 2019 and clinging onto Tech Town status in 2020. It's nothing short of a disaster for the people of Bristol.

Can they hang on in 2021?

Night Out Rating : Still a great night despite the locals being a little glum about their towns performance in this years list.

New Interesting Fact : Ribena was invented in Bristol

7. London (Down from 5 in 2019)

Cor Blimey Guvnor, they are not going to be happy down the smoke. The largest city in the UK by some margin. They have the most expensive beer and probably the worst chips, but this is another hammer blow to them. They would have certainly been expecting to cement their place in the top 5.

Night Out Rating : I really miss Little Italy in Soho - One of the best bars in London.

New Interesting Fact : It is NOT illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament contrary to popular opinion.

6. Edinburgh (UP FROM 7 in 2019)

At this rate of ascent, I predict Edinburgh to be named the UK Tech Town Champion in

2025, although they may not be eligible to join if they vote to leave the United Kingdom. I hope Nicola Sturgeon is taking this into consideration.

Night Out Rating : Good fun, some cracking bars and as I said last time, the Grassmarket area is great for beer (and grass I imagine)

New Interesting Fact : Edinburgh Castle is built on an extinct volcano and boy does it feel like it when you're walking up it..

5. Cambridge (UP FROM 6 in 2019)

Unlike that boat race thing they don't automatically qualify for the Tech Towns list, but they have got here on their own merit. It will be made even sweeter as Oxford didn't even make it through the qualifiers.

Night Out Rating : I've only been a few times so can't really remember. That may be a good thing of course.

New Interesting Fact : The China-UK Friendship Garden is located in Cambridge.

4. Manchester (DOWN FROM 1 IN 2019)

There are already calls from the North West Powerhouse for a recount at this result. They romped home in 2019 and to only finish 4th will have heads scratching. There is no doubt they have a loyal following but this is an alarming drop.

Night Out Rating : One of the best, pretty much something for everyone.

New Interesting Fact : Manchester were the CompTIA UK Tech Town Champions in 2019.


In the words of Miley Cyrus, Belfast came in this year like a wrecking ball. There was a lot of chatter in the bars of the Cathedral Quarter area about this but did anyone really think they would be able to pull it off? It's an astonishing achievement. Can they build on this in 2021?

Night Out Rating : Sadly I've never been, but it looks great.

New Interesting Fact : Hit TV show "Line of Duty" is filmed in Belfast.

2. Birmingham (up from 4 in 2019)

Britains second largest city is creeping up the list but narrowly misses the top spot this year. Not even the potential lure of HS2 help it this year. Experts have seen a lot of early money on Birmingham taking the top spot though in 2021.

Night Out Rating : Some good pubs down by the canals (more than in Venice you know)

New Interesting Fact : Birmingham airport is the third biggest in the UK.

1. Leeds (Up from 3 in 2019)

So, we have made it to the top spot and who do we find sitting on top (or on bottom) of the pile? Well, it's Leeds. Last years number three have taken a final leap to the top place. Yorkshire taking the prize from Lancashire, well, Greater Manchester of course, will be a massive source of pride for the folk of this county. They may even buy you a drink to celebrate, but probably not.

Night Out Rating : Great night out, Leeds is home to one of my favourite breweries. I think it's called "Leeds Brewery" and they make a great pale beer that I seem to recall is called "Leeds Pale"

New Interesting Fact : Leeds attracts more annual visitors than Torquay. (Although I'm not sure if that's a lot or not)

I hope you enjoyed the rundown of the Top Ten CompTUA UK Tech Towns this year. If you want to read more then head over to the report here

See you in 2021 - Who is going to be number one then?


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