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one coin

In the current political climate it’s easy to become a little immune to the “fake news” that’s out there, but there is one thing I’ve listened to that has really shocked me recently...

Are you aware of a crypto-currency called One Coin?  

No?  Well, I wasn’t either until I stumbled across a BBC Podcast from Jamie Bartlett and

Georgia Catt.  

The podcast is called The Missing Crypto Queen.

Disclosure time, I know Jamie a little.  He helped us out at some Datto events talking to our partners about the Dark Web.  I therefore knew he knew his onions, so to speak, so this is what prompted my to download the show.

Wow - I was hooked.  

It’s more like a crime drama than a podcast.  I’m used to high-octane TV shows, in fact as some of you know I’m an avid watcher such gritty shows as Lovejoy and Heartbeat, but this really is something else.

I don’t want to give too much away (yes, it really is that kind of story that builds over time), but this is the story of One Coin and its founder Ruja Ignatova and chronicles how this <Spoiler Alert> fake crypto-currency has duped many people out of a LOT of money.

You really wouldn’t believe it’s possible in 2019 for this to still happen and believe it or not you can still search for One Coin online and it’s still being promoted as legit.

The BBC has written more about it, and they are better at writing than me, so check it out here.

I’ll certainly keep an eye out for new episodes and I can see it being made into a TV drama at some point.  Maybe with Ian McShane playing the role of Jamie?

Check out the podcast :-

BBC Sounds -

Apple Podcasts -


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