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MSSP Accelerator

I, and just about every other MSP, err, cough, "expert", has spoken about the importance of security and the whole MSSP thing.

Much like with a selection box on Christmas Day, it's hard to know where to start. You probably think you need to expand your cybersecurity offering but then decide to just go for the Twix first.

Yet security challenges also bring opportunities: building a solid security practice can produce significant additional revenues and improved profit margins.

It’s not a decision to be taken lightly, however. Where and how do you start? How much will the required investment be? Do you have the appropriate resources in place? Which security services should you be offering? Are you sure that these are the ones your clients need? What are clients prepared to pay?

If you're asking yourself any of those questions then the team at inSOC may have something to help you. They are launching a MSSP Accelerator Programme. The idea is to get you up to speed and allow you to package the solution to your clients.

inSOC MSSP Accelerator – 10 Key Deliverables

Assessment of your existing cybersecurity practice

Introduction to the technical framework that will form the basis of your approach (NIST800/CIS20) and why this is important

Packaging your security offering in an easy to understand way for your clients

Pricing your security offering profitably

Targeting and closing sweet spot prospects

Handling common objections

Creating and executing a best-in-class onboarding process

Deployment and threat response essentials

Ongoing pipeline management working with your sales resource


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