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GDPR - opportunity for msps?

GDPR isn't the most exciting thing in the world.  I know that will upset a few people but trust me, it isn't.

That doesn't mean it's not important though.  Since it went live in May 2018 we have continued to see news stories about it all the time.

Looking back to before the launch, people viewed GDPR as a kind of deadline, it was

even compared to Y2K on many occasions. 

This was due to the cliff edge nature of a date but also because some commentators believed it would be a bit a non-event.

They were wrong though, companies of all sizes are still struggling to get their GDPR house in order.  It's not simple, a large part of it is record keeping to assure companies where data is stored and that you’ve managed the risks around that data.

Large companies have been embracing this since day one (well, many have), but smaller firms are much slower to it. This is where MSPs can come in.  As the Trusted Advisor to SMBs, you are well placed to ask them about their GDPR.

Taking away the ‘GDPR fear’ for your customers isn’t only a huge sales opportunity for you, it will be hugely valued by them. And it can start many conversations around encryption, backup and business continuity, multi-factor authentication and other services they’ve potentially pushed back on before GDPR came along.

This is why I've spent a bit of time looking at the offering from Keepabl.  The more I look into it, the more I think this is a great revenue add for MSPs that doesn't require you to be GDPR gurus.  Their offering is totally SaaS which means it's easy to get going with and it's something you can offer to clients of all sizes.

American Readers : Howdy - You aren’t going to miss out on the action here.  In much the same way as you did with The Office, House of Cards, Shameless and Kitchen Nightmares, you are making your own version of something from this side of the Atlantic Ocean.  (Let’s hope you make a better job of it than you did with Steptoe and Son and The Inbetweeners though.)

The California Consumer Privacy Act is coming in January 2020 and will offer similar consumer protection to GDPR.  I am sure that other states will follow suit, and GDPR itself can easily apply to US businesses with EU activities, so this is something you need to be aware of before your clients contact you.

This is a chance to really add value to your relationship with your client and also generate additional recurring revenue for your MSP. 

In fact I like it so much I’ve become an advisor to Keepabl.  They aren’t paying me to write this (thank goodness as they would ask for their money back I’m sure), but I am advising them on how Keepabl can keep improving its value to MSPs and their customers and, in return, how MSPs can be a potentially great route to market for Keepabl.

Check it out here  or via their UK distributor Zedsphere here


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