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Every now and again you come across something that really blows your mind. This probably happens more to me than most, but on this occasion it's What 3 Words

The aim of this project is to solve the problem of universal addressing. It does this by mapping the entire planet into 3 metre square areas and then assigns 3 words to this square. It means that everywhere on Earth can be located by something as simple to remember as 3 words. (Fun Fact: To map out the entire planet the total number of words required is only around 40,000 for the 57 Trillion squares)

The system is already being used in some countries for addressing post etc and the UK Emergency Services are able to locate you using the simple 3 words.

I am typing this in a branch of a well known coffee chain and my current address is


See if you can see where I am and better still, come on over and buy me a coffee.

To find your new address and for more information head over to


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