Welcome to Nashville


Today saw the opening of the 4th annual Datto Partner Conference, or DattoCon for short.

Over 700 partners made the trip to Nashville, Tennessee to see what news they had to share.

This is my first DattoCon as a Datto Team Member so it’s really interesting to see the conference from the other side.  The main observation is that this is a big event and it takes a LOT of planning.  Sometimes you don’t realise that when you attend events like this.  I have a lot more respect for event organising teams now.

The main announcement of the day was the ALL NEW SIRIS 3 Product line.

Siris 3 is a real game changer for Datto and the wider business continuity market.   It’s now available as an appliance or virtual machine so MSPs can deploy how suits them best.  It can also be imaged onto existing hardware if this is a better way to get the product into your customers.

Enhancements include agentless backups for systems running VMWare hypervisors, new agent technology to support both Linux and Apple Mac endpoints, Diskless restores, the addition of rich NAS and iSCSI support, hybrid virtualisation (previously only available on the Datto ALTO), and Linux backup screenshot verification.  All of the Datto SIRIS 3 appliances come with 10 gigabit ethernet interfaces and the latest generation of Intel XEON CPUs for increased performance as well as IPMI across the entire range. In addition, Datto is upgrading SIRIS 3 to Ubuntu OS 16.04 and to the KVM hypervisor, another industry first, which brings both performance and security enhancements.

If your clients have SIRIS 2 devices, don’t worry as these will get a software upgrade later this year to give you all the features of SIRIS 3.


Datto Siris 3 X1

Another new announcement was the SIRIS 3 X1.  This is a tiny but very powerful business continuity solution for your smaller clients.  It has a 1TB SSD drive and can protect 1 server.

There was also a new pricing model introduced called Infinite Cloud Retention. With Infinite Cloud Retention (ICR), Datto partners can now store backup data forever in Datto’s cloud. This new capability, available for both SIRIS and ALTO, provides Datto Partners with a unique value proposition for their customers to guarantee they will always have access to the data they need when they need it.

“Service providers need to adapt to stay competitive,” said Austin McChord, CEO and founder of Datto. “With the SIRIS 3 platform, the new SIRIS 3 X1 appliance, and our Infinite Cloud Retention offerings, our partners can support both newer IT infrastructure and legacy systems, greatly expanding their opportunities and delivering on our commitment to business continuity.”