Datto Office Opening


I am now a full time employee of Datto EMEA.  I’ve been here a couple of weeks but this week marked the official opening of our new office in Reading.

The decision to move from running TotallyMSP as a commercial site to working for Datto was a simple one in the end.  Datto have given me a great opportunity to work with IT Service Providers and MSPs to enhance their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capabilities and that is something I have always been passionate about.

This site will now talk about my life at Datto and will hopefully contain some interesting articles going forward.

The new Datto office in Reading is a fantastic facility that has been designed with our partners in mind.  If you want to use the space for meetings or for briefings with your customers then it’s all ready for you to do so.  Alternatively just come and hang out in our very own pub, The Blue Ram.  The choice is yours.




I’ll be on the road a lot more in the future so this is the place to see what I am up to and to get some of the latest news about Datto…


Keep in touch by emailing me at chris.tate@totallymsp.com